Mindigo International is a marketing and advertising company, working with real estate and specializing in promotion of hospitality & recreational businesses including hotels, resorts and lodges, as well as new master planned communities.

Promoting your services

We work with hotels, resorts and other types of hospitality and recreational businesses promoting their services and facilities in order to attract new customers. We also help with restructuring and rebranding businesses for targeting new categories of potential clients.

Selling your property

Our main specialty is selling real estate that is related to hospitality & recreational business, as well as promoting new master planned communities. We work both with local (Canadian) and overseas properties. In addition to running promotion and advertising campaign, we help with the actual sale of properties either through our own team members - professional realtors, or in cooperation with local agents and brokers.

Attracting investors

We work with investors from over the world, who are interested in the hospitality and recreational businesses, and want to be a part of it. We present our clients' properties to potential investors, negotiate the terms, and take care of all legal matters.

What we do

We provide our clients with a full range of services that are required for promoting your business, selling your property or attracting investors.

Promotional Materials

We prepare eye-catching promotional materials such as video, photo stories, articles and brochures, as well as various visual presentations, ready for further distribution.

Advertising Strategies

We develop effective strategies for delivering your information and promotional materials to potential customers, including both general public and targeted groups.

Regional Targeting

Depending on our client's location and service areas we focus our promotion and advertising campaign on those regions where it will attract the most customers.

Group Targeting

We can also target specific groups of potential customers by preparing theme-oriented promotional materials and using certain information channels for reaching these groups.

Who we are

Mindigo International was created as a subsidiary of a Canadian company, Dest Group Ltd, to promote real estate objects including new construction in Toronto, properties abroad, and the real estate related to hospitality and recreational business. Another purpose of this enterprise is promoting and selling international property to buyers from Canada and USA. Our objective is helping investors from North America take advantage of the opportunities that the hospitality and recreational businesses worldwide present.

We have our own tools and channels for creating and distribution of advertising information and delivering it to targeted audiences. We also offer our clients more than 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, the skills of our talented staff and the knowledge of new technologies that we use for designing attractive promotion materials and developing effective advertising strategies.

We position ourselves as a partner to our clients helping them with promoting their services and attracting new customers, as well as with finding investors and selling their real estate property.

Our Clients

Due to our specialization in real estate and promotion of hospitality & recreational businesses, our clientele include hotels, B&B, resorts, lodges, and different recreation facilities. We know how to advertise and promote properties in this sector and how to attract investors and organize sale.

Hotels and B&B

We work primarily with mini-hotels and boutique hotels that can be qualified as a small business.

Resorts and Lodges

In our work with resorts and lodges we focus on expanding the spectrum of customers and attracting investors.

Planned Communities

We work with builders in promoting their new communities worldwide, targeting people who are ready for retirement and relocation.

Recreational facilities

We deal with golf courses, wineries, equestrian farms and other type of businesses that provide recreational and entertainment services.

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss your needs and goals and get free consultations. We also invite you to visit our social networks and affiliated websites.