We work with owners of small and medium size businesses helping them with selling their properties and/or attracting investors. We specialize in businesses that include a significant portion of commercial real estate and land, such as resorts, small hotels, recreational properties, hobby farms, wineries, and other agricultural growers and producers.

We select businesses that could attract an interest of potential investors because they have good potentials for expansion and improvement, or they can benefit from your business in any other ways.

How we work with clients

We offer our help through the entire process of attracting investors for your business, from designing a strong presentation and a solid business development plan to assembling a group of buyers, forming a consortium and taking care of all legal and financial arrangements in order to close the deal.

At first, we will assess what work is required, and provide you with a free quote. No payments and no obligations until all details are discussed and agreed and a service agreement is signed.

If you already have signed up with a listing agent, it doesn’t' prevent you from using other options, such as working with us and benefiting from our additional help. Our main goal is finding potential buyers for you and convincing them to invest in your business. Basically, we would act as a buyer representative in this case.

The fact that we work with a wide international audience and can reach much more potential investors, gives you another advantage of using our services.

When you employ our services, this does not prevent you from selling your property to any other third party. If you find a suitable buyer before we collect a group of investors and form a consortium that would invest in your business, you can terminate our arrangement and sign a deal with this other buyer.

Our services are divided into stages. You are free to choose whether you want to sign up for the entire service package or select only those stages where you need us.

Stage 1: Preparation

Whether your sale is going to be successful or not, starts with a good and strong presentation of your business.

First, you need to identify who would be interested in investing into your business, what would be their expectations, and how you can attract them. Also you need to have a strategy how you are going to find such investors, and what information you need to prepare for them.

Secondly, you need to show that your business have good potentials for expansion and further development that would increase the Return of Investment. Most investors prefer the low-risk and high-return investments. Therefore, it is important to convince them that your business meets such expectations.

Finally, potential buyers would be more willing to invest in your business if they see that their money can be turned around in a limited period of time. They expect this to be a short-term investment for not more than 5-10 years. That means that you need to show them how your business can be transformed, increase its profitability and then be sold for a higher price. If you are able to prepare such a project, it would significantly increase your chances to quickly find investors and / or buyers for your business.

We take all these points into account when preparing suggestions to our clients on the sale strategy and drafting a business development project for attracting investments.

The essential part of our services is creating an attractive and convincing presentation for investors. This includes preparation of a business development project using the 3R principle: Renovation, Repurposing and Rebranding.

Therefore, our services on this stage include:
developing a comprehensive sale strategy, creating a business development project, and preparing a strong and convincing presentation of your business. We also prepare all advertising and promotion materials as well as any types of visual presentations if needed.

Stage 2: Promotion

While promoting your property, the ultimate goal is to reach as much potential investors as possible. It could be a single investor with sufficient financial resources, or a small group of individuals who would be willing to buy shares in your enterprise. This requires a carefully designed promotion campaign targeting specific groups of potential investors.

Here are the three key points in our services at this stage:

First, we specialize in working with international investors. Unlike local real estate agencies, which usually address their advertisement to local buyers and investors only, we conduct advertising campaigns globally. Because of that, we can cover a much bigger pool of potential investors, especially from those countries where people traditionally invest into foreign real estate.

Secondly, in the line of our business we are actively involved in working with individual investors, and have our own network of potential buyers. This enables us to assemble interested investors in a group and create a consortium where they can combine their financial resources and invest on a larger scale. Such innovative approach allows reaching a much wider range of potential investors.

Finally, in addition to traditional ways of advertising including all usual social media, we use other unconventional channels and forms of advertising for attracting attention to our clients' businesses.

Stage 3: Consolidation

We offer our clients an innovative approach to selling their businesses. It involves assembling a group of individual investors and uniting them in one consortium for consolidating their funds so that it would be enough for either injecting additional money into your business and completely buying you out. We call it a Shared Ownership Investment (SOI) Business Model.

Certainly, such business model is more complicated than dealing with one large investor or a single buyer. It requires a thorough elaboration in order to protect interests of both the business owner and the investors. One of many things that you will need to fully understand and agree with is the fact that you will be transferring the shares in your business to a group of investors (in exchange for their funds). As a result, they will become your partners and co-owners of your business. Therefore, it will be very important to specify right from the beginning your business relationships with the investors, and the rights and obligations of all parties involved.

You will also need to have in place an exit strategy when you will no longer be able to manage the business, as well as the detailed procedures for the conflict resolution and decision-making.

Finally, this model requires a well-thought mechanism for forming a consortium of investors, consolidating their funds, and creating the money return policy for investors if the transaction falls through.

Our services at this stage:
We take care of all those complicated issues. We partner with professional specialists and organizations, including lawyers, banks, and accountants, for making all required legal and financial arrangements, such as preparing contracts and holding funds until the required amount is accumulated.

Stage 4: Completion

When the required amount of funds is collected, they are transferred to you in exchange for the shares in your business. With the SOI model you can choose different scenarios. You can sell all your shares and then either continue working as a manager or simply walk away. Or you can transfer to investors just a part of your shares and use the received funds to finance the expansion and improvement of your business, so that it can be sold later with a larger profit.

The investors' funds are accumulated on an escrow account controlled by an appointed escrow agent, which could be a bank or a lawyer. The funds are disbursed from this account only after the conditions stipulated in an Escrow Agreement are fulfilled. Particularly, after the required amount is reached, the business owner transfers the agreed number of shares to investors, and the accumulated funds are transferred from the escrow account to the business owner's account.

Our services at this stage::
We help with opening an escrow account, finding an escrow agent and employing a lawyer who will arrange and oversee the exchange of consolidated funds and business shares between the business owner and the investors.