using our innovative approach

Our innovative approach is based on the use of the Shared Ownership Investment (SOI) Business Model and blockchain technology.

We attract individual investors and form a consortium of them. As a result, each investor becomes a co-owner of a company that buys or invests in your business.

It means that instead of looking for just one buyer, we attract several independent investors who combine their funds for investing into your business.


When you sell a large and expensive commercial real estate, it can take a long time until you find a single buyer who has enough financial resources and a keen interest in your property. It gets much easier when you gather together a group of indepent investors. This allows forming a collective fund, which can be either injected into your business for further expansion, or used to completely buy you out.


The main reason why our SOI model is attractive for individual investors lies in the nature of the businesses that we work with. We select only those where the large portion consists of commercial real estate and lands (Real Estates Based Businesses - REBB). We use a consideration that the overall value of a business is supported by hard assets as a selling point for investors.



First, we develop a strategy how to make your business look attractive for potential investors. Then we draft a plan how to diversify your business and expand its operation. After that we prepare a comprehensive presentation, targeting suitable investors.


The ultimate goal of promotion is to reach as much potential investors as possible. This requires a carefully designed promotion campaign targeting specific groups. The final stage of such campaign is a forming a consortium of investors willing to finance the purchase or expansion of your business.


When the agreed amount of funds is received from investors, they are transferred to you in exchange for shares in your business. You can sell only part of your shares or sell everything, this is entirely your decision. At this stage, we provide all the necessary legal and financial assistance.

SOI - benefits


1. With the Shared Ownership Investment (SOI) model you will have better chances to sell your business faster and for a better price, because it is much easier to attract and form a group of individual investors than find one large investor or a single buyer.

2. The SOI model gives you more flexibility - you can sell either the entire business or only a part of it with retaining control over the business operations. Or you can simply use the additional investments for expanding and improving your business.

3. In this model a group of individual investors is united in one consortium. Therefore, for the business owner it equals to working with one buyer/investor, and he doesn't have to deal with each investor individually. Particularly, the owner receives all agreed upon money in a single transfer. And if the required amount has not been collected, the deal is simply canceled.

4. Even if the SOI model is not for you, and you prefer dealing with a single buyer, you can still benefit from the comprehensive business presentation that we design for our clients. Our presentation package will make your business much more attractive to a wide range of investors.

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This is a joint venture of Dest Group Ltd., a Toronto based company, and Helen Riabinin, a licensed Canadian Real Estate Broker. We have consolidated our knowledge, experience and innovative approach to helping small business owners attract investors for either expanding and improving their enterprises or selling their businesses. The main advantages of using our services is that we employ an innovative investment model and work with a wide range of international investors.